On-site Services

We provide a wide variety of computer services on-site.  We are committed to solving all of your computer problems.  Some of the on-site services we provide are (but not limited to):


Setting up and updating computers in Medical offices:

  • We completely support Medical offices (also see Medical Support)

  • We provide turn-key solutions, from blueprints to opening day

Setting up new computers in a home or office:

  • Configuring the Computer to share printers, backup drives, network drives

  • Ensure proper anti-virus and malware protection is installed

  • Move data from other computers as appropriate

  • Load programs as needed

Virus / Malware Removal:

  • Remove Virus and Malware from your computer

  • Ensure proper anti-virus and malware protection is installed

Provide and Install Hardware:

  • Wireless equipment

  • Servers

  • Personal Computers

  • Networking equipment

Network Administration

  • Local administration

  • Remote administration


  • Keep your computers and network running optimally

  • Verify data backups

  • Ensure proper network and computer security

  • Apply appropriate software updates